Full Physical Examinations

An annual full physical examination at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital is essential to your pet’s long-term good health. It gives our veterinarians in Danville the opportunity to detect and treat problems that might not be obvious to you. It also allows us to establish a baseline to compare with next year.

We check your pet from nose to tail

In a full physical exam, we check:

  • Body composition and weight
  • Lungs and heart for abnormal sounds
  • Eyes for problems such as a detached retina
  • Ear canal for issues such as discharge or foul odor
  • Gums, teeth, and jaw for signs of dental disease
  • Abdomen for abnormal masses
  • Muscles for signs of pain
  • Skin for problems such as signs of excess chewing or scratching
  • Other areas based on each pet’s needs

We also investigate additional concerns you bring to our attention.

Preventive care saves you money

Early treatment and prevention are much more cost-effective than treating health issues at late stages. Please call Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital at 925-736-7440 today to schedule your pet’s annual full physical examination at our Danville clinic.