Allergy Testing

Pets have allergies just like humans; identifying and removing those allergens will make their lives much happier.

Common allergies in pets

Allergic reactions usually come from:

  • Food such as beef, rice, soy, wheat and eggs, and food additives, dyes, and preservatives
  • Inhaled triggers from cigarette smoke, dander from another animal, perfume and household cleaning solutions
  • Skin irritants in shampoos, pollen, grass, fleas, dust mites, insects, and parasites

Veterinary Allergy testing in Danville

For inhaled triggers and skin irritants, we offer serum allergy testing, which is a blood test, or intradermal skin testing, which is a scratch test done on a small shaved area. Food allergy testing is not commonly done for animals. If we determine your pet has developed a food sensitivity, Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital will be happy to recommend a particular brand of food that does not contain common allergens.

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