Our Professional Pet stylists provide expert pet grooming in a Quiet and stress free, State-of-the-art Facility

Blackhawk Grooming Salon is a perfect place for a beautiful spa day for your special four-legged family member.

We offer full-service bathing and grooming depending on what your pet needs.

All services include a relaxing and soothing bath, claws trimmed or dremeled, ears cleaned and anal glands expressed (if desired) and of course tons of hugs and kisses!!

You can count on our experienced staff to treat your pets as if it was their own and we also pride ourselves in addressing any medical issues that come up (ear infections, skin problems, lumps, etc…) as we are linked directly to Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital.

Our groomers have extensive experience in breed specific haircuts.

Call us today at either Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital – 925-736-7400 or Blackhawk Grooming Salon – 925-736-5990 to set up your appointment today.