Feline Boarding

Leaving your cat at a boarding facility when you travel, can make your trip more relaxed and their time away from you more comfortable.

What to look for when choosing a boarding facility

Not all boarding kennels in and around Danville are created equal. Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital recommends that you visit two or three of these facilities and ask about the following:

  • Facility licensing and insurance
  • Staff experience
  • Kennel size and ventilation
  • On-call veterinarian available all hours
  • Feeding and exercise schedule
  • Vaccination requirements

You should also observe how the staff at boarding kennels in the Danville area interacts with each animal. After visiting a few other facilities, we think you will agree that your cat will be happy here at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital.

Secure your pet’s spot early

Openings in our boarding facility fill quickly, especially around the holidays. Please contact us at 925-736-7440 to inquire about availability or to schedule an appointment for any vaccines your pet needs before boarding with us.